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How do I register for a personal account?

Creating a personal account with is free and by registering with us you can list up to 2 cars at no cost. To register, click on the orange 'Login' tab and press on 'Create an account'. Input your email address and the login name you would like to use for the site. Once ready press on 'Register'. Your automatically generated password will be emailed to you. You may also create a new account by clicking on the 'Sell a car' button on the menu and this will take you to the Login/Register page.

How do I change my password or personal information?

After logging in to your account press the orange 'Profile' tab and then click on 'My profile'. This will take you to your profile page wherein you can change your password and other account information including contact information.

How do I register for a Dealer's account

To create a Dealer account first create a free account by following the steps 'How do I register for a personal account?'. This will give you the opportunity to list up to 2 free car listings. To upgrade your account click on 'Listing plans' button on the menu. Choose the plan that suites your needs the best. Car Dealer plans also come with featured points which will allow you to mark a number of car listings as featured. Also make sure that you complete as much information on the 'My profile' page so that you will get as much exposure as possible to your Dealer's page. This includes a link to your website and a google map to your showroom. Furthermore people looking at one of your car listings will have a link to your dealer's page showing all your information including all the other cars you have listed on

How do I list my car for sale?

Before listing your car for sale you must login to your account. If you do not have one already you can create one for free. Click on the 'Sell a car' button on the menu. This will take you to the create a car listing page. Although there are various fields that can be completed, only a few fields are required to created your car listing. These required fields are marked with an '*' and are on the first entry screen. It is still recommended to provide as much information about your car as possible as people who are searching for a car are more likely to go for car adverts that supply detailed information. This also guarantees that your car shows up in searches.

How do I make my car featured?

Click on the orange 'Profile' tab and click on 'My Car'. This will take you to the your cars page. Hover with your mouse over the car that you want to make featured. The option to make the car featured pops up and you may click on it. If you already have featured points on your account, all you need to do is confirm. Otherwise a window will pop up asking if you would like to purchase featured points.




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